USA Volleyball Junior Olympic Age Definition

Posted on August 15th, 2019

2019-2020 Club Season

11 & under - Born between 9/1/2008 – 8/31/2009

12 & under - Born between 9/1/2007 – 8/31/2008

13 & under - Born between 9/1/2006 – 8/31/2007

14 & under - Born between 9/1/2005 – 8/31/2006

15 & under - Born between 9/1/2004 – 8/31/2005

16 & under - Born between 9/1/2003 – 8/31/2004

17 & under - Born between 9/1/2002 – 8/31/2003

18 & under* - Born between 9/1/2001 – 8/31/2002
*If a senior during academic year 2019-2020

Did you know...

Premier Volleyball is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Premier Volleyball's coaching staff is one of the most consistent and accredited coaching staffs in the Great Plains region with 455 years of coaching experience and 14 CAP Level I Certified Coaches and 4 CAP Level II Certified Coaches. (Coaches Accreditation Program)

Premier Volleyball's teams have 10 athletes and the majority of them have 3 coaches.

130 out of 144 Premier Volleyball seniors in the last 10 years have received and accepted offers to play at the collegiate level.

Premier Volleyball is committed to giving the opportunity to any volleyball player from Omaha and its surrounding area - no matter what school they attend.

Premier Volleyball provides flexibility for the multi-sport athlete. We remain committed to having our athletes maintain well rounded lives.

53 of Premier Volleyball's coaches played at the collegiate level bringing a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience.

68 of Premier Volleyball's alumni enjoyed their Premier experience so much they have come back to coach for us during and after their collegiate careers.

Premier Volleyball has won a USA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and 9 National Qualifier Championships!!!

Premier Volleyball is teamed up with premier strength and conditioning specialists that come from 30 years of proven success and research. (Xplosive Edge)

Since Premier Volleyball teamed up with Xplosive Edge, our injuries decreased by 88% over the last 5 years.

Athletes at Premier Volleyball along with their parents "give back" by volunteering their time with the Nebraska Special Olympics Volleyball programs.


Are you new to club volleyball?

Do you love volleyball and want to take it to the next level? Premier Volleyball is the place for YOU!!

Many people ask, what is club volleyball? Club volleyball is volleyball for the future. It is an opportunity for girls ages 9-18 of varying abilities to develop their skills through practice and competition. At Premier Volleyball you not only train to be a great volleyball player but you train to compete with character.

Where do teams practice? Teams practice at The Courts Volleyball Training Facility (8930 South 137th Circle) and have the opportunity to train on-site before or after practices with our Xplosive Edge strength and conditioning coaches. Xplosive Edge is a "Division I-quality" strength program for anyone that wants their child to develop safely, under the direction of expert strength coaches. See the "Xplosive Edge" page more information.

When do teams practice and play? The season begins with tryouts in October/November and will wrap up late April or early May. Our teams that qualify for the National tournament wrap up their season early July. All of our teams practice 2 times a week with 6 local tournaments (Omaha/Bellevue/Lincoln) a season. In addition to practices and tournaments, Position Specific Training sessions with Shannon Smolinski, Director of Premier Performance and some of the top coaches in the Great Plains are available for Premier Volleyball athletes to take advantage of!!! This is included in your player fee. Please see the "Premier Performance" page for more information.

Who coaches for Premier Volleyball? Premier Volleyball incorporates many Omaha metro and surrounding area coaches. Our staff's resumes range from coaching junior high to the college level. Premier Volleyball consists of coaches from Bellevue University, Midland University, College of Saint Mary, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Millard West High School, Millard South High School, Marian High School, Papillion-LaVista High School, Burke High School, Omaha South High School, Gretna High School, Skutt Catholic High School, Gross Catholic High School, Ralston High School, Fremont High School, Duchesne Academy, Mercy High School, Saint Patrick's, Saint Roberts Bellarmine, Saint Stephen the Martyr, Mary Our Queen, Saint James Seton, Saint Bernards and many more. Premier Volleyball is directed by Rick Welch; he is assisted by Marian Gyhra, Shannon Smolinksi, Michelle Lund and a staff of over 80 coaches. All coaches are IMPACT certified. We also have numerous Coach's Accreditation Program (CAP) Level coaches. At these certification clinics, coaches learn coaching techniques, drills and how to interact positively with players, co-coaches and parents. Coaches are expected to communicate with players and parents in a constructive, positive, and professional manner. Premier Volleyball strives to provide a high level of coaching experience for the player. Please see the "Staff" page for coach's bios. Check our website for the upcoming season's coaches listings!

Can a multi-sport athlete play for Premier? Absolutely!!! Premier Volleyball provides flexibility for the multi-sport athlete. A large number of athletes that have played for Premier Volleyball participate in more than one sport, especially in the younger age divisions.

What does it cost to play? The annual fees for participation depend on the age division of the team and the amount of travel.

How do I get involved with Premier Volleyball for the upcoming season? Start out by looking at our 11u-14u Special Sessions, Fall Camps, Pre-Tryout Clinics and Open Gyms that are scheduled now through November. Sign up for a few of those sessions/camps/clinics and see what we have to offer!! Also, we strongly recommend that you attend one of our Open Houses to see if Premier Volleyball is right for you. Tryouts for the 2018-2019 Season will be held in October for the 11u-14u ages and November for for the 15u-18u ages.

For more information about Premier Volleyball please visit our "Info" page. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Director of Communications, Michelle Lund at

See you at The Courts!!!!

Club Volleyball

USA Volleyball (USAV) is the national governing body for the sport of volleyball in the United States. The vision of USA Volleyball is to be acknowledged as the world leader in volleyball. USA Volleyball is committed to and works toward opportunity for all to participate. It is an advocate for all Americans - endeavoring to assure universal access to opportunities at all levels of the game. The USAV provides research, coaching education, insurance, and acts as a resource for all organizations involved in volleyball across the United States for all age levels from youth through adult.

The Great Plains Region Volleyball Association (GPRVA) is a non-profit corporation and became an official region of the United States Volleyball Association in 1985. Several years before that Nebraska was grouped together in a region consisting of Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. GPRVA is one of 39 regions in the USA making up the Regional Operations Divisions of USA Volleyball.

The USA Junior Olympic (JO) Volleyball Program's purpose is to offer the opportunity to become involved in a wholesome and beneficial athletic activity, which can be pursued at various skill levels. In many cases it is a chance for athletes to receive high QUALITY instruction in skills development and team strategy. The program is an extension of learning from the high school program and a natural bridge between youth volleyball and college volleyball or USAV adult volleyball. Many athletes go on to college earning valuable scholarships through their development with the USA Volleyball program.

More About Premier Volleyball


Premier Volleyball is a non-profit corporation and a registered junior program affiliate of USA Volleyball. The club is directed by Rick Welch. Premier Volleyball was established in 1997. Beginning with only two teams with players from the former Omaha Volleyball Club. Premier?s first tryout was held for a 16's team. Five players from the tryout and three recruited players completed that team.

Premier Volleyball has continued working with surrounding area schools, colleges and coaches to organize and manage teams for all USA volleyball age groups (10 through 18). The players in the club are from neighboring communities and numerous schools. We take pride in producing competitive teams in all age groups while maintaining FUN and skill improvement as priorities. Current strategies are stressed, even with the younger teams, to provide a consistent base for continuing development within the club volleyball environment.

Our Purpose and Objectives

Premier Volleyball is dedicated to providing players with the opportunity to improve physically, mentally and emotionally through the sport of volleyball.

Premier Volleyball Objectives:

  • Introduce the fundamentals of volleyball to the younger age groups
  • Improve techniques and knowledge of the sport
  • Develop a positive attitude toward the club, teammates, authorities, winning, and losing
  • Teach the athlete respect for themselves, teammates, and opponents
  • Develop the physical and mental strengths of all groups through the sport of volleyball.
  • Provide opportunities to continue playing volleyball at the collegiate or adult level


Players will be evaluated on skill level, attitude and effort. Basic skills include: passing, setting, hitting, blocking, digging, serving and communication.

Teams are formed based on player evaluation, player position, and team chemistry. Teamwork is highly encouraged and used as a rating element. Understanding these events can be very stressful on young athletes, we strive to make this time positive and fun for all participants. Coaches will evaluate each player and select final team rosters.


Playing for Premier Volleyball requires a strong commitment to the game, teammates, and off-season. We expect ALL PLAYERS, PARENTS, AND COACHES to read this page carefully. It is your responsibility to be committed to yourself, your team, and your club.

Team Structure

Each team consists of 10 to 11 athletes and 2-3 coaches. It's important that our coaches teach and believe in our philosophy for a consistent approach to the game from year to year. If we feel it is in the best interest of both the player and the team, we will ask a player to play up one age group.

Coaching Staff

Premier Volleyball is directed by Rick Welch; he is assisted by Shannon Smolinski, Michelle Lund and Marian Gyhra and a staff of over 75+ coaches.

All coaches are IMPACT certified. We also have numerous Coach's Accredidation Program (CAP) Level caoches. At these certification clinics, coaches learn coaching techniques, drills and how to interact positively with players, co-coaches and parents. Coaches are expected to communicate with players and parents in a constructive, positive, and professional manner.

Premier Volleyball strives to provide a high level of coaching experience for the player. Please see the "Staff" page for coach's bios.


Practice Premier Volleyball trains in The Courts Volleyball Training Facility. All practices will be held at The Courts. We plan to have two practices each week for all teams Monday through Saturday. Sundays will be for events or make-up dates only. We also hold special training sessions throughout the season for those athletes who want to expand their individual skills.

We dedicate practice time to the development of all athletes. Specialized skill sessions are incorporated with drills designated to improve overall and team oriented skills. All practices are supervised.

Position Specific Training Sessions

Position Specific Training Sessions are held throughout the season in addition to the regular practice sessions. These sessions are designed for players who have chosen a position or want to increase their level of experience and expertise. The sessions are for athletes who want to take their ability of play to the next level.

Strength Training

We recommend involvement in our on-site strength training with the Xplosive Edge program for the complete development and care of our players. This is a "Division I-quality" strength program for anyone that wants their child to develop safely, under the direction of expert strength coaches. See the "Xplosive Edge" page more information.


The location and number of tournaments varies with the age level and skill level. Listed below is the number of tournaments included in your player fee.

12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18U teams will be provided with 6 local tournaments

Tournament play begins in January. Most of these tournaments are one-day tournaments, primarily held on Sundays and occasionally Saturdays. Tournaments are typically set up to be pools of 3, 4 or 5 teams each. Each team will play teams in their pool once or cross-pool. Then depending on the final records and scores, teams will be placed in a Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc. single elimination playoff. Teams are guaranteed a minimum of four matches in each tournament.

* If a team is to qualify for the National tournament, they will continue to practice and play in June. The USA Junior Girls' Nationals Championship will be held the last week in June and/or 1st week in July (competition dates vary from each division and level).

National Qualifiers

National Qualifiers are 3-day tournaments. Play will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Teams will be placed in a morning or afternoon wave for two days of pool play with all teams advancing to single-elimination playoffs on the third day.


Travel events are planned based on each team's interest. We want to offer the opportunity for our athletes to be exposed to top competition. We encourage those teams to enter National Qualifier Tournaments as a preferred venue and a great experience. These tournaments are budgeted separately from the regular season dues. We recommend a minimum of 8 players to commit for these events to be scheduled.


Any absence from a practice or a tournament must be communicated with a coach from your team prior to the activity. Attendance at practice and tournament is mandatory unless there is a conflict with family or school activities.

Practices: You are expected to be in the gym, ready to practice 15 minutes prior to scheduled practice time.
Tournaments: You are expected to be in the gym, ready to play 45 minutes prior to scheduled tournament time.

Officiating and Rules Clinic

All players are required to officiate. A mandatory Officiating and Rules Clinic will be held at the beginning of January. Players will go over rules, new changes, and procedures introduced to the game. Parents are encouraged to come and learn. It is important that parents know the game as well.

College Recruiting

We have established numerous relationships with colleges all over the country over the years and will assist in promoting our athletes. More information - College Recruiting


We will again be wearing Mizuno apparel for the Season. You are required to bring both competition jerseys to all tournaments. The club logo and uniforms will use the color combination of red, black, and yellow.

Image Presentation

As a player, parent, and coach you are representing yourself, your family, your school, and Premier Volleyball at every event. Events include practices, tournaments, special sessions, team functions, etc. We are a club that has a reputation locally and nationally for good sportsmanship and integrity. Arguing with officials, players, coaches, or parents is never appropriate and will not be tolerated.

Maintaining the Gym

Players must help in keeping the facilities we use clean. All equipment must be returned back to where it was taken from (i.e. storage rooms, ball bags, etc) Please clean up the gym of all trash before leaving. When finished at practice or leaving a tournament site, clean up around your area (even if it is another team's trash). This is a reflection on you as an individual, your team and Club.

Team Representatives

One important ingredient to a fun and successful season is the Team Representative. Each team has a volunteer representative who can plan extra team functions. These Team Reps will be asked to be a chaperone at any National Qualifiers or out of town tournaments. If you are interested in serving as the Team Rep, sign up forms will be handed out at the first parents meeting.

Parent's Role

Premier Volleyball can teach the athlete to have a positive attitude toward the club, teammates, authorities, winning, and losing. But it is difficult for these positive traits to take hold on the athletes if the adults surrounding them fail to set proper example. We ask the parents keep the following in mind.

  • Be positive and encourage your daughter and her teammates
  • Do not express your dissatisfaction or negative emotions to the team, coaches, referees, scorekeepers, line judges, and other team's players and coaches. These comments should be kept to yourself or addressed with the club director.
  • Attend team/club organizational meetings.
  • Get to know your daughter's coach
  • Represent your daughter, her team and her club.
  • Help with the transportation of players to out of town tournaments.
  • Know the fundamentals of volleyball
  • Know the commitment of your directors
  • Have a positive involvement in the program
  • Know how to deal with grievances (see below)


  • If there is an issue dealing specifically with your daughter or her team, contact the Club Director and set up a meeting time to discuss your concerns. Do NOT approach coaches before, during or after tournaments or practice sessions to discuss these concerns.
  • If it is a safety issue, contact the coach or tournament representative immediately.
  • If there is a problem with another team's parent or coach, notify the tournament director or on site official. Follow up by filing a prompt report with the Club Director or Region Commissioner.

Parent support is important and highly encouraged; however, parents must refrain from questioning official?s calls, yelling at the scorekeeper (point!!), and especially, yelling at the players. Please treat the players, officials and the coaches with respect.


This website has been set up and is used as the primary source for communication. This is an important feature to communicate with club members. Practices, Tournaments, Updates, etc. will be posted here. It is your responsibility to check the website regularly, as it is updated with new information frequently. We suggest you check it prior to departure for practices and tournaments, especially during inclement weather. This is our main source for communication.

E-mail is another important tool we will utilize when communicating with players, parents, and coaches. If you do not have e-mail and would like help in setting up an account, please contact Michelle. If there are absolutely no possible ways you can get access to the website or e-mail, please let us know so we can set up other ways of communication.


The Player Fee covers the cost of regular season tournaments, facility rental, coaching, tournament entry fees, uniforms, equipment, position training sessions, recruiting seminars and administrative expenses.

Payment Plans are available. Each family chooses which plan works best for them. If fees are not paid by their deadlines, players will not be permitted to participate in practices and tournaments. If you have a special need regarding payments please contact the Club Director to discuss.

Each Player will need to register with the Great Plains Region to obtain their USA Volleyball membership. 12u-18u USAV membership fee is $65; 11u USAV membership fee is $25.


Fundraising to offset costs is something our club will support but does not mandate. Proceeds from fundraising efforts will be dedicated to the individual participating in those efforts unless they are specifically set up to be donated to a general fund.

Inclement Weather

Incase of inclement weather during the year please check the website for cacellations. Information will be posted on the Home page.