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Just a note, if teams have practices on back to back nights, we can't have XE on back to back nights as it is detrimental to the athlete as they need more recovery than 24 hours. You may have to make an extra trip up to the courts for XE which is the case every once in a while.

Xplosive Edge Training Schedule

Xplosive Edge - Maximizing Athletic Performance

Diane Banderas, CSCS, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Xplosive Edge, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

"Maximize your athletic performance!"

Diane Banderas graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) with her Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. She earned her CSCS from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2015. Diane was a Division I middle blocker on the UNO volleyball team for five years, with fourteen total years of experience on the court both playing and coaching. In 2015 Diane was presented the, Maverick Muscle, award at the annual UNO Athletic Banquet representing her dedication and success within the competitive field of strength and conditioning.

In the summer of 2015, Diane was an intern with the Husker Power strength program under Boyd Epley and Mike Arthur at the University of Nebraska Lincoln assisting with volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, and gymnastics. Over the spring of 2016, she completed an internship with Cressey Sports Performance in Jupiter, Florida. At Cressey, Diane worked with MLB players during their spring training season in both rehab and strength training, becoming more familiar with baseball specific arm care and training regiments. These arm care techniques are also applicable to volleyball athletes in regards to their swinging shoulder.

Gibbie M. Duval, CSCS, RSCC*D PRT, NASM-CPT, FNS, Director of Athletic Performance

Xplosive Edge, LLC Owner & Director of Sports Performance
VCAP Certified USA Volleyball
Vatterott College Personal Fitness Trainer Program Director
"Strength & Conditioning Expert" - Tudor Bompa Institute
"Postural Restoration Trained" - Postural Restoration Institute
Level 1 Sports Performance Coach Certified - USA
Omaha Lancers Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

The Xplosive Edge
14706 Giles Rd.
Omaha, NE 68028
Phone: 402.933.7622
Fax: 402.933.7655
Cell: 402.880.5047
"Maximize your athletic performance!"

Gibbie Duval has now been a strength and conditioning coach at Xplosive Edge for 11 years, and has since become owner and director of sports performance. For many years, Gibbie and his brother Zach, now head football strength coach and director of athletic performance at the University of Wyoming, worked side by side to grow the Xplosive Edge into the biggest sports performance training facility in the midwest. Over the years, Gibbie and the Xplosive Edge have maintained a close working relationship with Boyd Epley and Mike Arthur who had so much success with the "Husker Power" program for many years at Nebraska. Gibbie's father Rick was one of the first football coaches that Tom Osborne hired at Nebraska so the ties run very deep. All of the programs offered at Xplosive Edge mimic many valuable principles that were created out of the "10 Husker Power Principles" established by Boyd many years ago. Over the course of the last 10 years, Gibbie has trained a Stanley Cup champion, Super Bowl champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, and many other professional athletes. Gibbie was selected by Boyd Epley as the Nebraska State Combine Director when Boyd released Epic Athletic Performance and was also selected as the keynote speaker at the annual postural restoration institute convention in Salt Lake City, UT. Also, Gibbie continues to work with many clubs in the area and has trained over a thousand volleyball and soccer athletes in the Omaha area.

Gibbie is a "certified strength and conditioning specialist" of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and participates and speaks in several strength and fitness symposiums across the country. Gibbie is also the co founder of Tri-Planar Performance, a consultation company devised to educate strength and conditioning professionals around the country on the important of Postural Restoration and Integration into strength and conditioning and programming. Gibbie has consulted for many high schools, colleges, and universities around the nation and worked with IMG Sports Academies in 2011. Gibbie is also a "certified personal trainer" and "fitness and nutrition specialist" through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Gibbie is certified by the United States of America Weightlifting Association and holds a Sports Performance Coach Certification and also holds a certification through the Tudor Bompa Institute as a "Strength and Conditioning Expert." Gibbie also contributes and writes articles and research for Ken Kontor's Performance Conditioning Inc. as well as Stack Magazine and also contributes to the Postural Restoration Institute with research and development on the Integration of Postural Restoration into Strength and Conditioning programs. In 2013 Gibbie was named the head strength and conditioning coach for the Omaha Lancers hockey organization of the USHL in addition to being hired at Vatterott College to direct the "personal fitness trainer" program. Gibbie also recently earned his VCAP (volleyball conditioning and performance) certification through USA volleyball.

Gibbie attended the University of Nebraska Omaha where he received his Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and was a collegiate baseball player. While living in Kansas City, Gibbie was fortunate enough to be able to study under the legendary Romanian Olympic Gold medal coach Istvan Javorek where Gibbie developed into an olympic strength coach. Istvan was the original creator of the "dumbbell complex" and Gibbie was able to work with several Olympic athletes on sports performance enhancement and injury prevention programs.

Xplosive Edge Strength Training Registration

We will be recommending everyone in our club to get involved in the Xplosive Edge Program for the complete development and care of their children. Part of the Xplosive Edge program is the pre-testing criteria. Whether the athletes decide to participate or not we want every player to get tested. They test for vertical jump, approach jump, pro-agility and standing reach. They have reduced their prices for Premier and have equipment at The Courts for on-site training.

Xplosive Edge will have enough coaches to maintain a ten to one ratio per session. Edge PT screens and testing will be held at The Courts. These times will be announced after the parent meeting. Players selected to play for Premier Nebraska will be asked to attend one session. There is no extra charge for the testing.

Payment plans for the Xplosive Edge program will be available through Xplosive Edge. The training will be scheduled twice per week for 45 minute sessions. 11u athletes will only attend once during week. This training is not mandatory. It is a great opportunity to get additional coaching from experts on injury reduction and strength training with the leading program in the country. If players and parents are serious about their child's athletics, they will jump on this opportunity. Xplosive Edge has brought the training facilities to us! They have equipment installed at The Courts. This allows us to coordinate the training sessions with practices. This is a "Division I quality" strength program for anyone that wants their child to develop safely, under the supervision of expert strength coaches.

Please use the following link to register for Premier - Xplosive Edge training.

Register now!

Rick Welch, Club Director

Xplosive Edge Summer Sports Performance Camps

Posted on April 19th

The Xplosive Edge would like to invite all of you to participate in our 2016 Summer Performance Camps! Below is all of our summer camp information for all ages. Below is our official Sign Up Registration form for all summer camps. We will be giving a 20% off discount to all Premier Volleyball athletes (that are currently participating in our program) plus we will take your June fees off the price being that our summer camps all start the week of June 6th if you elect to start training down here at our home facility. We would still ask all of you to make sure you participate in the post testing up at the courts when we finish up that program which ends before nationals for all the 12-18’s teams regardless if they make it to nationals or not.

We also have programs for adults in our Adult Edge Boot Camps that we run at 5:30am and 9:00am.

Summer Camps are filling up fast so call or email today to get signed up!!!

Come take your athletic performance to the next level and gain the EDGE on your competition!!!


2016 Xplosive Edge Lifter of the Year

Posted on August 12th, 2016


Premier Volleyball would like to congratulate Andie Hanus. Hanus was honored as the 2016 Xplosive Edge Lifter of the Year, an award given annually to players who are dedicated to excellence in the weight room. Xplosive Edge Lifters of the Year are selected based off of character, work ethic, intensity, leadership, attendance and punctuality.

Hilger, a 2016 graduate of Omaha Marian High School, was a Libero for the 2015-16 Premier 18 Gold team coached by Nate Mongan, Rick Welch and Megan Schmale. Hanus helped lead Premier 18 Gold to a 2016 Omaha Asics Presidents' Day Classic 18 Open Championship and was named to the PrepVolleyball.com 2015 High School Academic All-American team, All-Metro Volleyball Second Team, All-Class Class A Honorable Mention and NCPA Academic All-State.

Hanus has committed to the University of Missouri Tigers to continue her volleyball and academic career.

All-Time Xplosive Edge Lifters of the Year
2009 - Erin Doherty (Middle), Premier 18 Gold, Mercy High School, West Texas A&M
2010 - Andrea Johnson (Setter), Premier 18 Black, Omaha Burke High School, Bellevue University
2011 - Bailey Vance (Libero), Premier 18 Gold, Papillion LaVista South HS, Northwest Missouri State
2012 - Alex Hanus (Right Side), Premier 18 Black, Marian High School, New Mexico Military Institute
2013 - Makayla Maxwell (Middle), Premier 18 Gold, Millard North High School, Washburn University
2014 - Bree Ackermann (Libero), Premier 18 Gold, Lincoln Pius X High School, Wayne State College
2015 - Lauryn Hilger (Outside/Middle), Premier 17 Gold, Millard South High School, Northwestern College
2016 - Andie Hanus (Libero), Premier 18 Gold, Omaha Marian High School, University of Missouri

Xplosive Edge and Premier Volleyball

Designed specifically for Premier Volleyball athletes since 2005, the Xplosive Edge has teamed up with Premier to create the superior power athlete. Trained on site at our "Courts" satellite facility, premier athletes can train immediately before or after practice with X-edge. The Xplosive Edge satellite facility at The Courts is the Midwest's premier training facility for volleyball athletes. Equipped with Power Lift and Hammer Strength equipment, the courts satellite facility is nicer than most of the universities in the nation.

Emphasis is put on increasing strength, balance, agility, and range of motion, all while developing more power. These Premier Volleyball athletes are increasing their vertical jumps while at the same time learning how to jump and land on the ground as well as accelerate and decelerate. Plyometrics are included in our training regimen only when the athlete has become strong enough to control their bodies in space.

The courts training facility is exclusively for the use of the Xplosive Edge in its training of Premier Volleyball. Premier Volleyball is one of the nations best volleyball clubs and is on the rise. Since the inception of Xplosive Edge working with Premier Volleyball, Premier has increased its winning percentage by over 66% all while decreasing the injury rate by over 88%. This last year Premier Volleyball sent 8 teams to the USA volleyball championships!

Premier athletes are trained twice a week (45 min. sessions) right before or after their practice. Each athlete is pre and post performance tested to see their own individual performance index score created by Boyd Epley of Epic Athletic Performance.


Premier, Xplosive Edge, Edge Physical Therapy Partnership!!!!

Through partnerships with the Edge Physical Therapy and Xplosive Edge, Premier Volleyball continues to provide the most well rounded club volleyball experience for young athletes. We believe these partnerships are essential for the growth of Premier Volleyball because they help ensure the physical health of our athletes.

The Xplosive Edge is a strength and conditioning company known for its cutting edge research and technology in the field of maximizing athletic performance. With the integration of biomechanics, the Xplosive Edge will remain years ahead of the competition. The Xplosive Edge is a results driven company that places a major emphasis on decreasing injuries while creating a faster and stronger athlete.

Edge Physical Therapy offers a unique approach to physical therapy called Postural Restoration. This approach addresses the underlying faulty movement patterns or mechanics that are directly influencing pain symptoms. Specific exercises are instructed to restore proper alignment and movement strategies. Exercises progress as strength allows, eventually including very dynamic activity, so re-training is similar to the athlete's sport demands.

Premier Volleyball is excited to offer these partnerships to our athletes, who will benefit by becoming more explosive volleyball players while reducing the likelihood of injuries.

STACK Magazine Videos and Articles

Posted on March 28th, 2008

Stack Media Group (magazine) highlighted The Xplosive Edge Strength and Conditioning as one of the nations top strength and conditioning firms. The end products were put on www.stack.com to help other athletes around the nation and to recognize the Xplosive Edge as the leaders in volleyball strength and conditioning.

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